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LeCercle by Pernod Ricard

LeCercle is multi-faceted, introducing Pernod Ricard’s one-stop luxury e-commerce platform and CRM program. The platform targets the corporate clients, the mass affluent and the affluent. Clients on LeCercle’s database will be assigned an individual relationship manager- Mr Rajan Menon/ Ms Marie Deloffre. They seek to accede to personalised and extravagant requests presented by their clients.

LeCercle is an exclusive, eclectic membership program. To be incorporated into the LeCercle database, there are some qualifying criteria:

  1. Spending power:

    Individuals with spending power are defined as those who are willing and able to spend more than S$5,000 on spirits annually.

  2. The industry of employment:

    Individuals belonging to lucrative or high alcohol-consuming sectors such as the shipping or finance industry.

  3. Sphere of influence:

    Individuals who are mavens or connectors.

*Any individual belonging to any single category will qualify for the membership.

LeCercle facilitates convenient purchases of alcohol, whether you’re throwing a party or simply enjoying a drink at home. Our select LeCercle members are offered special prices, the bulk price and the standard price. Depending on the products, MOQ ranges from 3 to 6 bottles. Upon receiving payment via the platform, the system will trigger the arrangement for alcohol delivery. By default, delivery will be within 48 hours, a two day lead time, providing our logistics team with ample time to schedule a timely delivery. However, upon request, the lead time can be shortened to 24 hours.

LeCerle is a work in progress, but up to date, in this infant stage of development, LeCercle members can sign up for various events, proudly presented by Pernod Ricard Singapore’s Brand Ambassadors, Whisky, Cognac and Champagne Masterclasses hosted by our conversant Brand Ambassadors. E-tickets for the events are priced from $150 onwards. These masterclasses comprise of a tasting session coupled with food pairing dinners or other lifestyle activities, catering to the crowds who love living large and lavish. The interactive experience is enriching, enhancing one’s knowledge of the composition and palate of the spirits. This ties in with Pernod Ricard’s underlying value of responsible drinking, alcohol appreciation is first and foremost.

In the near future, LeCercle will encompass a loyalty program. LeCercle members will be able to accumulate points through their purchases, giving them access to redeemable e-commerce awards such as brands or lifestyle events, limited edition glassware and complimentary spirits.

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